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The Mothership - just released (2012) this album focuses on the delusions of a person who believes in aliens and conspiracies no matter how far-fetched.  As his beliefs become delusions, he separates from everyone else, convinced that the world is undergoing some massive change which is not happening. All songs on this album are based on an actual person. Due to his thick-headed stubbornness, he will likely wind up in a mental hospital one day. Listen to Lizardman and a couple more NOW on Grooveshark! Whole album available on REVERBNATION, and on other MP3 download sites soon!

The Astronauts of Gargus 12 & the Free White Pants -released in 2005, this album went in a direction that previous albums did not. It broached between weird Mothercat music and a more serious side. This album featured some of the strongest Mothercat songs. To name a couple, The Skleem, So SadWinter Clocks, and How Can I Love You (faturing Joy Tindell on vocals and which received radio play in Omaha).

The Hunt, The Agutie, and The Comet
-released in 2003. This was a small EP done really quickly. Only a hand-full of copies were made for friends. Some pretty entertaining songs on this one though. Check out Pieces of Elliot's Dad and The Waddlers (a song about those slow people who are always in front of you in the store).

Mouse Machine -released in late 2002 and almost named "Candy Road", Mouse Machine had a lot of " weird album" perfection put into it. With songs ranging from Stupid Brian, to Yellow Sore, to Goth Song (link unavailable); a far stretch from Samuel and one of the listener's favorite albums ever from Mothercat. Don't miss  Motorboat Willie and Butch Pam

Samuel - an at home experiment produced the first album (and overall, not very good, in my opinon). Released in early 2001, lucky if you actually have a copy, as only a few songs are available now. There are hand-full of good songs on this album though, although the recording quality is not the best. Don't Touch the Evil, Woody,  Grey Sky (currently unavailable), and Eating the Slimes from the Smokes of the Times, to name a few. 
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